Proverbial Firsts

Greetings fellow literates. My name is Niki and I am a blogger (obviously). Just to be clear (hehe, get it?), I am very new to this. Like, embarrassingly new. If I totally screw up or make terrible technological mistakes, or whatever the crap I do, you’ll know why.

I am expecting, literally no one to read this. I started this blog mostly for hobby purposes. My greatest passion in life is journaling. I started seriously journaling when I was 12 and have done it everyday  since. I have, I think, 7 journals all filled up by now. Currently, I’m actually working on two journals simultaneously.  One is a personal entry journal, the kind most people think of when you say “journal”, the other is a Bullet Journal, which is a fairly new concept. Anyway, this blog is going to also be a journal of sorts. Any event or happening that I think would make a good story will probably end up here.

The other purpose of this blog is practice. I am not avery good typer, you see. I never actually learned how to type correctly, and where I am in life currently demands proficiency at this skill. I have been trying to, essentially, teach myself how to type. I am also practicing my writing and telling skill. I am a decent writer, but not the best. Maybe slightly above average? I am taking a Writing Workshop and the instructor is little to know help, so I am attempting to improve this skill on my own as well.

I hope this, blogging, helps me in some way. I hope I find joy in it. And, in the case someone besides my mother actually reads this, I hope this blog is enjoyable.


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