Entitlement To Anything But This

Well, crap. That’s how I seem to start most of my days, you know. Now I’m not writing some melodramatic post begging for sympathy  because of my unbearable life. That is so not who I am, and, frankly, it just makes you look stupid. I am writing to rant, I suppose, about the flaws of our educational system. I am not particularly ingrained in politics, but I am calling bologna. There has got to be a change, people. I am going to lose my mind.

Let me explain. I am, as some would say, somewhat obsessed with math, not to the point that I am finding the angle of elevation from the ground to the sun or calculating projectile quadratics on my free time, but enough to run numbers on anything that personally affects me. School, for instance. I got a whole lot of numbers associated with this topic. Anyway, every Monday afternoon the team of instructors that is responsible for my age group gathers in the third floor workroom to have a “chat” about the week to come. Sometimes it’s about specific students sometimes it’s about the article of the week, or some other superfluous assignment. I mean, I am only assuming here having never actually sat in on one of these mysterious meetings. Regardless, one Monday I was upstairs early for humanities and I saw the notes that were written on the little whiteboard in there. (Side note: I didn’t know what that whiteboard was for until then.) They had drawn out a matrix containing all of the general homework us students were required to complete each week. Next to each class was a measure of time in hours corresponding to the average-ish time it take to finish. the total came to be 13 hours. 13! For the love of all that is holy, who has that kind of time?

I have a particularly early bedtime because I get up at 5:20 am. To get eight hours of sleep, which I rarely do, I would have to go bed at 9:20. School gets out at 3 or 4 pm depending on if you have a club meeting to attend (there is a million clubs at my high school). I live a half an hour away from school. By the time I get home it is 4:30, and then I have to eat dinner at some point. So I have a maximum of four hours of my time, and like I said egregious amounts of homework.  I have zero time. Zero. We are not machines

I understand that school is my full-time job (I also happen to have an actual job, btw), but come on! To get a remotely good grade in any class you have to give up your personal life, and it is scientifically proven that you need balance to, you know, not die. Even right now as I am writing this blog post I really should be doing Spanish. (Side note: Have any of you tried Rosetta Stone? And/or are thinking about trying it? Don’t.) pffft….I just …you know?

This is slightly unrelated to the main topic, but my high school is very proud of its statistics, which  I suppose they should. That very concept is part of the reason I go there. However, their statistics are very intense. We have a 100% graduation rate. “How?” you say, “Great tutors? Greater teachers?” Nope. We have a 48% drop out rate (I don’t think this includes those that are asked to leave). This means by the time you are a senior (if you make it that far) half of your classmates will be graduating somewhere else. Half! My school is tiny (of course it would be if it can’t keep its students), but also you can only apply as a freshman unless you know a guy. In total there is approximately 300 students. The average graduating class capacity is 60.

I am going to die.


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